Workmans compensation

Compensation is provided by the Compensation Fund to employees who contract diseases or get injured while employed. The Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act (COIDA) governs the Compensation Fund. We can assist you with this!

An employee can claim compensation:

  • If they are injured while doing their work
  • If they catch a disease at work

An employee’s dependants can claim compensation if the employee dies from a disease or an accident.

Employees who cannot claim compensation from the Fund are:

  • Members of the South African Police Services and South African National Defence Force
  • Domestic employees who work in private households
  • Employees working outside South Africa for more than 12 years

To get the compensation, the Department of Labour requires a business to submit COIDA (WCA) annual returns. This ensures that all claims to the fund are accepted.

Letter of Good Standing

Business/trading partners require this letter to prove their employees are covered for injuries at work. If all submissions are up to date, the Department of Labour will issue this letter to the business on request.

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