Outsource your payroll function to us

The total amount of money a business must pay its employees for a certain period of time is referred to as its payroll. This function may be handled directly by the owner of a small business or outsourced to us.

We tailor our payroll services in line with our clients’ requirements. By outsourcing this function to us, you decrease the risk that is involved with internal payroll and administration. As a third party, we are independent and objective, and your salaries remain confidential.

We offer the following payroll services and related tasks:

  • Payslips
  • Annual IRP5 to staff
  • Monthly EMP201 submissions to SARS
  • Bi-annual EMP501 submissions to SARS (PAYE/SDL/UIF reconciliations to SARS)
  • Annual income tax submission of individual staff
  • Loading payroll amounts on Electronic Business Banking per payroll
  • Monthly UIF submissions to the Department of Labour

Our payroll services are professional, cost-effective, confidential, ethical and secure.