Bookkeeping – to sustain and expand your business

Bookkeeping is the foundation for the ‘full story’ of how your business is doing from a financial perspective. For this reason, bookkeeping should be done accurately and kept up to date.

Knowing the financial status of your business enables you to make informed decisions, prevent cash flow crunches and positions you to act swiftly when opportunities for growth arise. Financial records also enable tax authorities to evaluate your business activity.

Our bookkeeping services can fulfil all your needs

In addition to filing and capturing your business transactions, we:

  • Track profit and loss for businesses with different income generating activities
  • Track project costs
  • Monitor debtors and creditors
  • Do maintenance of stock items
  • Hold bi-monthly, monthly or quarterly management account review meetings with our clients

Why use our bookkeeping services?

We know the needs of small business, and our service is ideal those that lack the knowledge, time or capacity to act on this responsibility. We cost-effectively tailor our bookkeeping solutions to meet our clients’ specific business needs. By outsourcing this vital function to us, you can focus on your core strengths and grow your business.