We get your tax clearance certificate for you

A tax clearance certificate or TCC is a document issued by SARS. It confirms that the tax affairs of the applicant are in order and up-to-date. A tax clearance certificate is required for foreign investment, tender applications and for emigration purposes.

If you are using our services for the first time, we will confirm the status of your account with SARS. This is a matter of protocol. If necessary, we will do the outstanding submissions on behalf of your company.

We then apply for these tax clearance certificates on an annual basis:

  • For Tenders (submitted with new tender applications)
  • For Good Standing

Requirements for a Tax Clearance Certificate

  • Verified tax registration number (to verify tax registration at SARS)
  • Up to date tax payments with SARS: your business should not have any outstanding debt at SARS. We can assist you with this if your company has any outstanding debt.

Why choose us?

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