SARS submissions

It is vital to meet SARS obligations from the start to avoid penalties and problems with the tax authorities in the future. As a business owner, there are several obligations.

Among other things, you are required to:

  • deduct taxes from your employees and pay this to SARS
  • file a series of submissions to SARS
  • provide your employees with IRP5 certificates.
  • register your employees for income tax if they are not already registered.

This is how we help you: we offer a range of SARS submissions for your business:

  • Monthly: PAYE/SDL/UIF
  • Bi-monthly: VAT
  • Bi-annually: EMP 501 (PAYE/UIF/SDL reconciliation), provisional tax (company and individual)
  • Annually: Income tax returns (company and individual)

Why choose us?

We not only keep track of and remind you about your SARS deadlines, but also work with you to promptly make SARS submissions. Whether you are an individual or a business owner, we are there to help you with your SARS submissions.