Who is the CIPC?
The CIPC is the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission. They hold the register of companies incorporated in South Africa.

What does the CIPC expect from me as a registered company?

Company secretarial documents:

  • File your company Registration and MOI document
  • File the duly signed Resolutions made
  • File Annual General Meeting and Special Meeting minutes

Submit Annual Returns

  • This is done in the anniversary month of the registration of your company
  • It is an online submission directly with the CIPC
  • To complete the return, the company annual sales (turnover) amount is required
  • An annual levy will be payable on submission
  • Late submissions (1 month or more after your anniversary month) will result in a late penalty being levied

Why must a return be submitted?
This is how the CIPC confirms whether you should keep the status of company as “In Business” year on year. If the CIPC does not receive a return, they may assume your company is inactive and automatically change your company status to “Deregistered” on their database. This may affect your bank and SARS status – these institutions are integrated in some instances.

Did you know…
If you trade as yourself, under your name, you are not a registered company on the CIPC database, but rather a Sole Proprietor. In this case, no Annual Return is needed as your business is not on the CIPC database.

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